Motivational Murals

Murals to inspire creativity


Project Brief

Motivational Murals started out as a project solely based on self promotion, however, as I began the project, I realized it could have value in something beyond myself. Having found three different schools as clients, I wanted to use this opportunity to inspire creativity in young people, especially with the decline in creative outlets in both public and private schools.

With this goal in mind, I designed, digitized and painted three hand lettered murals of motivational quotes to inspire creativity for present and future students for all three of these schools.

Sagunto Mural

This mural was designed and painted for a new study room in a boys dorm at a high school located in Sagunto, Spain where I studied for six months. Having full creative direction, it was my goal to create a design that would naturally fit into the existing aesthetic of the dorm while still motivating the students.

Sharpstein Mural

I created this mural for Sharpstein Elementary located in Walla Walla, Washington where I worked closely with the principle to choose colors, quote and create a mural that overall would accurately represent what the school believes in.

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