Silver Bells Lettering

Silver Bells Lettering

This lettering piece was another pleasure project I did to help me not only just practice my lettering but more specifically for this piece I wanted to work on digitizing my lettering as it is not something I have done much of and this gave me a great fun and    way to practice this technique.

The way I normally start my process is I begin by looking up some inspiration first. I personally really love using Pinterest and Instagram for my inspiration as there is new content being up loaded constantly! Once I have found a style or several styles I want to combined I jump into the sketching phase of my process. I usually start with quick thumb nail sketches which are just very small, quick sketches that help me to figure out the layout and positioning of my lettering piece. After coming up with a layout I like, I move forward with that layout and begin to refine it, making the letters basically exactly the way I want them to look in the final piece. This sometimes takes several tries which is where tracing paper becomes very handy to have as you don’t have to completely redraw the whole piece but instead can just change the parts you want. Once I have the letters just the way I want them I then begin to add some final decorative elements to make it more interesting and feel more finished. After that I’m ready to take my final sketch into the computer.

With my final sketch now in the computer its time to get down to business and start digitizing your piece. The first thing I like to do is create a separate layer for just my sketch and then lock it so it doesn’t move around. Then I make another layer just for my artwork and I like to add the blend mode of multiply on to the entire layer so that way I can see the sketch that I’m going to be drawing on top of. Once your document is set and ready I begin to trace the letters with the pen tool. This part is personally one of my favorite parts of the process but also one of the most time consuming. It is also the place where I still need the most practice and one of the main reasons for creating this piece. After finishing the tracing I then began to add some of the decorative elements and making any corrections to the letters if need be. From there I started adding the final accent lines and last little decorative pieces before I jumped into color palette. For this piece I decided I like it best in just white but I definitely played with some red and green options. Finally I took my final artwork and over laid it onto a photo to give it more of a professional finished feel, and this is what I came up with!


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