Wolf Illustration

Wolf Illustration

Over this past summer I came across this awesome website called Skillshare where lots of different creatives create video classes on pretty much whatever they want. After finding this website I started looking through the classes they offered and realized one of my favorite design studio’s (DKNG Studios) taught several classes! Next came the hard part…choosing which class to take first! After a little while, I decided on taking the class “Create a Geometric Animal” and then promptly started watching through the videos.

DKNG had you started out by  having you choose an animal you wanted to illustrate, I have always loved wolves and so this seemed like a great choice. From there they had you move into the research phase where they suggested you first go out and find picture of the face of the wolf and then after go look for inspiration for the design of the illustration. For my project I decided to have the design be more of a tribal/native American style as it seemed to be a great fit for the wolf. Once I had found several photos for inspiration I jump right in to sketching. After some very quick preliminary sketching I came up with wolf I was quite happy with and started to add decorative elements to the sketch. Once I finished that step it was time to head to the computer! 

Once in the computer I jump right into creating shapes to mimic what I had sketched out. Once I had the basic shapes done I began to add some of the detail/decoration. After making some adjustments to the 

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