Zion National Park Booklet

Zion National Park Booklet

Zion National park is without question one of my favorite national parks out of the ones I have been to. This being the case I decided I to do a redesign of the Zion National Park informational brochure and map. 

I began the project with some initial sketching, first of the cover of the booklet and then of the content itself and how it would be laid out. I decided to go with a scene of some of the mountains looking up the canyon towards Angels Landing. After choosing the cover design I like, I did some refined sketches before I took it into Illustrator to begin the digitizing process. After creating the basic outlines of the whole scene I began to add shading and texture to the mountains and clouds. After that I started to play with color options and adding the cover text. After I was happy with the way the illustration was looking, I took it into Photoshop to add some texture to make it look more natural and give it more of a finished look.

With the cover complete I began on the layout of the rest of the booklet. I decided to go with a square shaped design as I though it was more interesting and would standout more from the normal rectangular formate most national park brochure’s use. I then went through the old  brochure and got all of the important information and relaid it out to make it feel like the pages were not so text heavy. Once I had laid the booklet out I moved on to redesign of the map. The reason I thought the map need a redesign was because Zion National Park has about 3 or 4 different maps and I decided it would make more since to consolidate those three maps into one. After I had gotten all of the content together and laid it out the way I wanted, I decided I wanted to have the map be incorporated in with the rest of the booklet. So I made a little pocket on one of the back pages that when folded would allow the map to be slid in and out. So if you just wanted to take the map and not the whole booklet you could easily do so. 

Overall, I was very happy with the way this project turned out from the layout, illustration and interactive element of the map I think I was able to create a cohesive style between the three parts to create a solid redesign.

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